About us

Remember when we could attend concerts in person? Those were the days. As a touring crew member, I loved the energy that came from being around thousands of fans cheering and singing along to songs as the band played. I missed that feeling and live streamed concerts just don’t replace that. I began to wonder if there was something that could get us closer to a real-life concert experience. Almost Makes Scents was born with two scents: “Outdoor Amphitheater: almost like sitting on the lawn watching your favorite artist perform live” and “Beach Concert: almost like having your toes in the sand at a real, live concert on the beach”. Our scent list continues to grow, as we discover there are many things we miss doing. We’ve added flavors like; “At the Spa: almost like actually going to a spa with your mask off”, “Christmas at Home: almost like actually being with family for Christmas”, and “Drunk Picking Apples: almost like picking apples with your friends and family (maybe with an adult drink in hand)”. All of our candles are small batch, hand poured, 100% Soy Wax grown in the USA. We seek out the best Clean Scents™ to promote delightful environments that are safe. We hope that you enjoy these candles as much as we’ve enjoyed making them.

Our passion for live events and the crew who support them doesn't end with candles. A portion of your purchase goes directly to the Touring Career Workshop to support touring career professionals in various ways. We've been involved with Touring Career Workshop since the very beginning and have seen the impact that they have made in the industry. Their focus on the wholistic needs of touring crew from finances, health insurance, retirement planning, and mental health is desperately needed in the touring world. You can find out more on their website www.touringcareerworkshop.com