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Leaf Pile Handcrafted All Soy candle 8oz

Leaf Pile Handcrafted All Soy candle 8oz

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Remember jumping into a huge pile of freshly raked leaves as a kid? So do we!!! Leaf pile is that, but without the work of raking (or the leaf bits down your pants). It is the crisp scent of crunchy leaves on a cool Autumn day. If earthy fragrances like, patchouli and cedar wood are your favorites, then this is YOUR fall candle. It will make you want to put on a sweater and get cozy for the chilly days ahead.

Infused with cinnamon leaf, patchouli, cedar wood, vetiver, and sandalwood essential oils.

Note Profile:
Top: Citrus, Cinnamon, Chrysanthemum
Middle: Apple, Berry, Green Leaves
Base: Pecan, Cedar

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